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Product Details

Rat-x Rodent Bait Pellets

Ecom Global Cape Coral

Rat-X is consumed as a food source as part of a rat's or mouse's natural eating habitat. After ingestion, dehydration commences causing blood thickening and circulatory collapse, whereby rats and mice become lethargic, retreat to their borough, lapse into a coma and die. All-natural ingredients include corn gluten meal, corn cobs, wheat flour and wheat germ oil. The cause of death (dehydration) also reduces the amount of odor left by the deceased animal, thereby eliminating most odors associated with using normal rodenticides.

Product Specifications

Ecom Global Cape Coral
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
1lb 12/cs Jar 826774
Syng 4157 3 7 PP365 728x90
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