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Precor® IGR Concentrate is an important element of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), because it controls the pre-adult fleas that make up 99% of a typical flea population. Only Precor IGR's molecules move to the places pre-adult fleas live, like the base of carpet fibers and between furniture cushions - in short, the sources of a flea infestation. Precor IGR targets fleas in the egg and larval stages of development. As a result, pre-adult fleas cannot develop into adults to produce new infestations of breeding, biting adults.

  • Effective, long-lasting indoor control of pre-adult fleas - up to seven full months.
  • Contains the Insect Growth Regulator, (S)-methoprene to stop pre-adult flea development - and future infestations.
  • Targets the hard-to-reach areas where pre-adult fleas live.
  • A great tank mixer with Zenprox┬« EC.

Product Specifications

Active Ingredient:
(S)-Methoprene 1.2%
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
1 Pint 6/CS Bottle 624972
10 x 1oz/BX 10BX/CS Box 610409

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