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Poly Plugs 3/8" 500/bg

Pest Boys Inc Arlington, Texas

POLY PLUGS are used with concrete patch materials to seal termite treatment holes drilled in slabs, block, and masonry holes. Instead of plastic, rubber, or cork, POLY PLUGS ARE A FOAM material. They are the most cost effective, user friendly, and the fastest way to patch termite drill holes. Watch the 2 minute video (on YouTube under Poly Plugs) and see how easy they work. After pesticide injection, the technician inserts the plug inside the hole, countersinks with T-Handle tool or similar object, and then seals it on top with a ¼” to ½” layer of concrete patch. Poly Plugs are available for 3/8", 1/2", 9/16", and 5/8" drill holes in 500 count bags. Complete "Termiticide Flex Plug System and Method" Starter Packages are also available in all four sizes. IF YOU CAN NOT GET A ;PRODUCT, GO TO OUR WEBSITE AT WWW.POLYPLUGS.COM or email me at Lary.Adkins@polyplugs.com

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Pest Boys Inc Arlington, Texas
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500 count Bag 50038 Bag 818391

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