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Phosgard + 0-32-25

Jh Biotech Inc

Benefits of Phosgard® Foliar applied phosphorus fertilizer Increased fertilizer efficiency and effectiveness Phosgard® is a nutritional supplement that can be applied to the soil and/or by foliar applications. It can also be applied through the irrigation water. Phosphorus in Plants Essential in plant energy storage and transfer Increased root growth Early maturity in plants Strength and quality of fruit, seeds, and flowers

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Jh Biotech Inc
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2.5 gallon Jug 834261

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Additional Information

Phosgard® contains plant nutrients designed for foliar and/or soil application. The phosphorus contained in Phosgard® is derived from phosphorous acid making it different from the traditional phosphorus fertilizers that are derived from phosphoric acid. The phosphorus in Phosgard® can be taken into the plant leaves and is readily available to the plant, making it a valuable foliar application.

In natural plant environments phosphorus is the most often life limiting element, with the exception of nitrogen, due to its low availability to the plant. In soils with a low pH, phosphorus reacts with aluminum and iron to form low solubility iron phosphate and aluminum phosphate, which are relatively unavailable to the plant. In soils with a high pH, phosphorus reacts with calcium to form calcium phosphates, which are also unavailable to the plant. The phosphorus deficiency is overcome with the addition of phosphorus fertilizers, but the applied phosphorus is very rapidly changed to less-soluble compounds, which, with time, become less and less available to the plant.

A foliar applied phosphorus fertilizer is not subject to the factors that affect soil applications. Phosphorus fertilizers that are derived from phosphoric acids are not absorbed by plant leaves. The phosphorus in Phosgard® that has been derived from phosphorous acid has been shown to be absorbed by plant leaves.

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