Veseris Tower Vector DynamicDuo 122320

Product Details

Durable and Secure: The updated tripod has a high-quality metal ball joint and screw, longer and tightener pin along with improved legs and an upgraded camera holder. · Multi-Angle Shots: 360-degree ball joint allows adjustment for multi-angle shots, and flexible tripod legs can get a level shot on an uneven surface. · 1/4" Standard Screw for cameras: Detachable Holder can be unscrewed, then you can simply mount your camera to the screw for a secure hold. · Compact Design: Its lightweight design and easy portability mean that you can put it in your pocket or your briefcase and take it everywhere you go.

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
1-pox-mount Each 841589
20 mgk 0310 Crossfire Leaderboard Ad Update 728px90px
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