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Musca Stik 24in

Central Garden & Pet Co

Attracting flies two ways, the Musca-Stik™ Sticky Fly Trap has double the power when compared to traditional fly control. The sticky fly paper attracts flies with both its signature Musca-Glo™ orange color as well as with the powerful sex pheromone, Muscalure.

Controls: Flies and other listed pests

The easy-to-use disposable fly ribbon is perfect for use indoors, outdoors and in food handling areas, to control flies and other listed pests. Odor-free and insecticide-free, the Musca-Stik™ Sticky Fly Trap is an effective and powerful fly control tool.

No toxic chemicals Approved for use around children and pets Double the attraction power Convenient fly control

Available Product Sizes
1 each, 24 inches

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