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Product Details

Maxforce Fleet Ant Bait Gel


Maxforce® Fleet™ with fipronil. Fast, effective ant control, indoors and out.

Get the powerful ant control you've come to expect outdoors in a formulation for indoor use. Introducing Maxforce Fleet, the fipronil-based ant gel that works inside and out. The new, thicker formula stands up where you need it.

Product Specifications

Active Ingredient:
Fipronil 0.001%
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
27 Gram BX 834531
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Target Pests:

Additional Information


  • Contains fipronil, the active ingredient of choice for fast, effective ant control
  • Long-lasting, fast-acting
  • Moist, carbohydrate-rich gel
  • Thicker consistency enables it to stay where it's applied – even on vertical applications
  • Offers broad-spectrum ant control on notoriously difficult-to-control species including Argentine ants, carpenter ants and odorous house ants
  • Formulated for ants trophallaxis, which allows foraging ants to return to the colony and feed the bait to larvae and the queen(s) so entire colony is killed
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