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Product Details

MasterLine ® Kontrol ™ 4-4 for Mosquitoes, Flies, and Gnats is a 4.6% permethrin / 4.6% PBO low odor oil formulation that is ready to use and ideally suited for most areas over specific crops including alfalfa and range grasses. As a non-corrosive, it won't damage cars, trucks or airplanes. Its broad spectrum, superior formulation is clean and clear and provide quick knockdown of most mosquito species as well as other Diptera species such as biting and non-biting midges, black flies and gnats. With no EPA required water set back, Kontrol 4-4 can be applied ultra low volume (ULV) by air or ground. It can also be applied either as a mist barrier or from a thermal fogger.

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
2.5 Gallon Jug 802405
275 Gallon Tank 802401
30 Gallon Drum 806718
55 Gallon Drum 811122
55 Gallon Thst Drm 802402
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