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Product Details

InTice™ 10 Perimeter Bait™ is a mold and moisture resistant, effective and economical broad spectrum granular bait for indoor and outdoor use. Application rates are cut in half with the exclusive formulation of 10% boric acid, saving time and money for the service professional.

Product Specifications

Active Ingredient:
Orthoboric Acid 10%
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
10 lb bag - 5 bags per case Bag 810185
40 lb Carton Carton 805642
40 lb Carton Carton 805643
1 lb bottle - 12 bottles Bottle 805644
4 lb jug - 6 jugs per case Jug 805563
10 lb bag - CA label - 5 bags per case Bag 810221
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Target Pests:

Approved Sites:

Additional Information

  • Broad Spectrum Control: Labeled for cockroaches, ants* (including carpenter ants), crickets, earwigs, silverfish, millipedes, sowbugs and mole crickets
  • Exclusive Formula: InTice™ 10 Perimeter Bait™ is the only 10% Boric Acid granular bait available</li>
  • Outstanding Value: Outdoor application rate of only 1 lb per 1000 sq ft with the exclusive formulation of 10% boric acid, saving time, money, weight and space for the service professional.</li>
  • Highly Effective and Non-Repellent: Doesn't just chase pests away. Ants carry the bait back to the nest to kill the colony. Other target pests eat the bait and die.
  • Long Residual Protection: Lasts up to 90 days outdoors. The active ingredient will not break down from heat or UV light.</li>
  • Broad Label: For use indoors including food areas, and outdoors including perimeter and turf use, and home greenhouses and gardens. Not for turf use in CA.</li>
  • Proprietary Bait Matrix: Contains a blend of premium food attractants, including protein, carbs, and oils.
  • Mold and Moisture Resistant
  • No Pyrethroid or Neonic Use Restrictions
  • No PPE Requirements for Handling or Applying (except in CA)
  • InTice™ borate granules require no PPE (California state regulations may differ)
  • Green Zone product.  Mineral based active ingredient

* Except pharaoh ants, fire ants, and harvester ants

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