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Interceptor Rat Mpact Clamshell

VM Products Inc

Simplify your operations with the Interceptor® Rat Mpact clamshell. The Interceptor processor is coupled with a reed switch and magnet—reliable technology that has been used in the home alarm business for decades. Once the reed switch and magnet are separated, a signal is sent through Wi-Fi that the trap has gone off. This low-profile device is perfect for residential or commercial applications and can be used with VM Products’ EZ Klean® or EZ Secured® rodent bait stations. The Interceptor line of products is part of a flexible platform that utilizes the field-tested sensor technology of a reed switch and magnet. When the magnet separates from the reed switch it instantly triggers an alert that goes to the PestOptix cloud-based system. It then sends a notification via text and/or email that a trap has been triggered. PestOptix uses global reporting software to find pest problems quickly and efficiently and show the pest management professional where the activity is happening.

Additional Information

Key Points

  • A low-profile rat snap trap.
  • Durable design works in any residential or commercial environment.
  • The trap features an integrated magnet working in conjunction with an Interceptor processor device.
  • An integrated, removable bracket houses the Interceptor processor and reed switch, which are both inside a cover to keep all components in place when the Mpact snap trap is triggered.
  • Easily release and secure traps for cleaning or replacement using the retainer plug.
  • The integrated open slot above the Mpact logo allows for adding the VM two-color indicator tie if needed for visual interaction with the device.
  • Base features built-in slots for zip ties, making it easy to secure to pipes or other elevated rodent runways.

Interceptor Mpact Rat includes:

• 6 per case

• 6 MPACT® rat snap traps

• 1 Interceptor device unit with reed

switch and magnet

Maxforce Roach Control System (1)
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