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EPIC -- Enviro Protection Industries

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Keep iguanas from grazing on your prized vegetables, hibiscus and other flowers, shrubs, trees, orchids, figs, mangos, berries. with Iguana Scram Professional ¬– America's Finest(tm) Iguana Repellent. Iguanas are often seen in or around water (a backyard swimming pool is perfect!) or detected by the sight of their feces. They breed and lay eggs often in great numbers. Iguana Scram Pro is a granular, organic, biodegradable, environmentally safe iguana repellant – guaranteed! – that is designed specifically to stop and prevent damage caused by iguanas, from feeding on your landscape to burrowing their nests in your yards, undermining sidewalks, sea walls and building foundations. Green iguanas in the Florida Keys also threaten to drive the Miami Blue butterfly to extinction, despite the insect’s effort to re-colonize the region. Although the iguanas are too well established in Florida to be eradicated, Iguana Scram Professional can help control and exclude them on a local scale, proven by both landscapers and pest-control operators to be highly effective, non-offensive and long lasting, while not harming animals, the environment and, most importantly, you and your family.

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