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HY-GUARD Spark Arrestor/Bird and Squirrel Screen, 14" Round

HY-C Company Inc. (Chimney Accessories)

HY-GUARD Spark Arrestors/ Bird and Squirrel Screens provide an effective barrier to wildlife and small animal pests that carry and transmit diseases and organisms like roundworm. Without a screen, these animals can enter your home through the chimney bringing feces and diseases into your home, causing potenial leaks, fire hazards and other damage to your home. Painted black to resist oxidation, animals cannot chew through the durable 18-gauge 5/8" steel mesh. No tools needed for installation! To install, simply slip the heavy corner fins down into the flue tile and installation is complete. Avoid costly repairs and possible injury. Install a HY-GUARD Spark Arrestor/ Bird and Squirrel Screen on your chimney and protect your home and family. Made in the USA.

  • Fits outside tile dimensions: 14" round

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