20 mgk 0156 ONEGARD Tower Ad 120x600 f

Product Details

HY-GUARD Soffit VentGuards provide an effective barrier to keep animals and pests such as birds, bats, raccoons, rats, lizards, snakes, armadillos and squirrels from entering your home through soffit vents. Without a screen, these animals can enter your home and destroy wiring, cause leaks and do severe damage to your home. Animals cannot chew through the durable 18-gauge 3/8" expanded steel mesh of the Soffit VentGuard. Featuring sturdy 1" frames with hemmed edges for extra strength, the 1/4" pre-drilled holes save installation time. Simply choose the hardware that best suits your installation surface and screw the HY-GUARD Soffit VentGuard over your vent. Avoid costly repairs and possible injury. Install a HY-GUARD Soffit VentGuard and protect your home and family. Made in the USA.

  • Measures 4" x 16"
  • Includes ten (10) Soffit VentGuards
  • Available in black, gray or white
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