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Gilbert® 2000GT-T, Polished Brass "Flying Venus"™ - Glueboard Light Trap. Two 20w Lamps.

Gilbert® Professional Insect Light Traps

Gilbert® 2000GT-T, Polished Brass "Flying Venus"™ wall-sconce flytraps provide industry leading effectiveness in the small & beautiful category. Venus™ excels at discretion and in areas with limited space. Even in fine dining rooms, no one will suspect it's a flytrap. Larger, more effective Gilbert® traps should be installed, down low, between the dumpster and kitchen (or other critical areas) when possible, but Gilbert® wall sconce traps will do a superior job where space is limited or stealth is desired. Features: two superior F20T12/350BL attractant lamps. Holds Gilbert® 17" x 5" glueboard (Part# 4219}. One Year Warranty (excluding lamps & glueboards). Dimensions: ONLY 2 and 3/4 INCHES DEEP! 24 3/4" Wide x 11 1/2" High. Depth slopes 2 3/4" (at top) to 1 7/16" (at bottom point). Installation: Mount anywhere. So thin, ADA rules do not apply! Textured Vinyl Weight = 6.72 lbs, Ship Wt: 9 lbs. Polished / Antique Brass Weight = 8.16 lbs., Ship Wt: 11 lbs.

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