Nisus Univar Fireback 120x600 Oct2020 1

Product Details

PROFESSIONAL GRADE Insect Light Trap 30 watts of Shatter Resistant, LEAD-FREE, Quantum BL lamps for maximum attraction and safety Large full-size glue boards are conveniently interchangable with the Mantis range. One glue board fits all open systems. Specialty UV resistant glues capture the smallest to large insects intact for easy identification. Glue Board options include; Standard full size (black), Universal 60-DAY boards (in black or white) that also fit competitors traps, Gray Matrix boards for sensitive accounts and density counts or HACCP audits, recyclable plastic boards retards mold for high moisture areas and extra long life. Available in 110v & 230v and in stainless steel. All PestWest systems are manufactured with low mercury (Hg), no lead, Quantum BL lamps uniquely designed for maximum efficacy. Slim line design hugs the wall with and is all metal construction for years of service.

Nisus Univar Niban 728x90 Oct2020
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