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Product Details

FirstStrike® Soft Bait gives you the assurance that you’re using a rodenticide for the quality-minded PMP. Expect palatability and performance from FirstStrike. It is formulated with difethialone, a second-generation anticoagulant rodenticide invented by Liphatech. A lethal dose may be consumed in one night’s feeding with first dead rodents appearing 4-5 days later.

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Additional Information

  • Formula is palatable to rats and mice.
  • Package design allows aroma to escape, attracting rodents.
  • Maintains palatability and integrity in hot environments. 
  • Product label allows removal of paper to place bait directly onto a feeding device like the SST.
  • Available in 10g pouches (16 lb. cases of 4-4 lb. bags, 2-8 lb. pails or 1-16 lb. pail) and 40g pouches (16 lb. pail including 5 SST devices).
  • Active ingredient: difethialone (25 ppm); Vitamin K1 is the antidote.
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