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Product Details

F-50 Bio Pure Jr

Diversified Waterscapes

Beneficial Bacteria used to enhance water quality & clarity while digesting bottom sludge. 1/2 lb per packet.

Application Rate: 1/2 lb treats 1 million gallons of water.

Product Specifications

Diversified Waterscapes
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
2.5 pound Jar 839641

Additional Information

A highly concentrated blend of live micro-organisms makes quick work of breaking down the muck in your water.

  • Breaks down starches, hairs, proteins, fats, oils and more.
  • Creates a healthy environment for all wildlife in and around your water feature by reducing phosphate, nitrogen and ammonia levels.
  • Digests bottom sludge and plant and animal waste.
  • Broad base, a synergistic mix of microbes, rapidly “attack” the organic problem.
  • Fast acting -Microbes begin reproducing within thirty minutes.
  • Outperforms other bacteria that can take four hours or more to
  • Will not harm fish, animals or plant life.
  • Super-concentrated- 9.6 ounces will treat one million gallons of water with reapplication unnecessary until the second week.
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