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ER-3 by EcoVenger Green Triple-Action Mosquito Control


ER-3 by EcoVenger is a plant based bio-insecticide concentrate with a breakthrough triple-action mosquito control formula combining adulticidal, larvicidal and spatial repellency in one single product. ER-3 is a three-in-one product allowing PMPs to deliver a complete mosquito barrier in one treatment. It kills mosquitoes on contact with high efficacy, reducing existing mosquito populations instantly. It provides lasting spatial repellency, keeping mosquitoes away from a treated space. When applied to mosquito breeding areas, such as standing water, ER-3 kills 100% of the existing and newly hatched larvae leaving a residual to further reduce overall mosquito populations for two weeks or more. ER-3 can be used at 4-8oz per finished gallon dilution and is compatible with multiple equipment types. It helps pest professionals expand service offerings, increase job efficiency and reduce product expenses and call-backs from customers. ER-3 is a 25b exempt minimum risk product.

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
1 GL (3.8 L) Jug 838681

Target Pests:

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