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Product Details

Eliminator Truck Wash

Jamson Laboratories Inc

Eliminator is a specialized truck wash for the removal of micro-nutrient stains. It removes all types of mirco-nutrient stains including: iron, manganese, phosphates, iron oxide (rust), grease & oils. It is safe on all surfaces and fast & easy to use. It is specialized for removal of micro-nutrient stains from lawn care vehicles and equipment and will easily remove these stains that traditional soap and water products cannot. It also replaces harsh acid products that not only destroy the vehicles and equipment but still do not remove the mico-nutrient stains effectively. This product is safe and effective for use on any surface of the vehicle.

Product Specifications

Jamson Laboratories Inc
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
1gl jug 4/case Jug 818180
55gl drum Drum 818771
Syng 6624 1 31 Cockroach Assurance Veseris Banner final
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