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Product Details

EcoVia MT Concentrate Mosquito & Tick Control

Rockwell Labs Ltd.

EcoVia MT Mosquito & Tick Control is a botanical concentrate specially formulated for mosquito & tick control and repellency. EcoVia MT is designed for use in compressed air sprayers, mist blowers and foggers to deliver quick kill control and residual repellency with low use rates.

Product Specifications

Active Ingredients:
Soybean Oil 26.2% Clove Oil 13.2% 2-Phenylethyl Propionate 10.5% Citronella Oil 10.5% Lemongrass Oil 7.9%
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
16 oz Bottle 835869
64 oz Bottle 835946

Target Pests:

Approved Sites:

Additional Information

  • Research-based EPA exempt 25(b) botanical insecticide
  • Provides quick kill control and residual repellency
  • Concentrated formula with low use rates (0.33 oz/gal for mosquito and deer ticks)
  • No water set-back or pyrethroid restrictions - can be fogged over water
  • Mixes easily and stays in solution
  • Does not leave behind an oily residue
  • Green Zone product. Naturally-derived active ingredient
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