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Product Details

ECO CLEAR Pipe, Drain & Septic Cleaner

Nisus Corporation

Eco Clear is a pipe, drain and septic system cleaner. It is a green product that contains highly active non-pathogenic bacterial cultures that work with or at very low oxygen levels to breakdown scum and house hold waste materials in the plumbing system. The product comes in ready to use water soluble packs that can be flushed down toilets to treat and clean pipe systems and septic tanks. Sell it as an add-on service to all accounts to prevent plumbing pipe clogs and to maintain drain fields and septic systems. • Drop packets of Eco Clear into toilets and flush. • Allows the PMP to provide a unique and much needed add-on service to his customers. • Provide the service by actually applying the packets to the toilets or simply providing the packets to the homeowner customer for their own application on a quarterly basis.

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
36X2 OZ PKT PAIL Pail Stl 786680
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