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Product Details

DynaTrap DOT Indoor Fly Trap

Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC

The DynaTrap® DOT™ is the smallest solution to the biggest indoor pest problem: Fruit Flies, House Flies, Moths, Gnats, and much more. Insects drawn to the trap will be captured on the back of the attractive StickyTech™ Glue Card by two LED and two UV-LED lights. The DynaTrap® DOT™ features a rotating plug to fit any outlet and an optimal design that allows for the trapped insects to be concealed from sight. Simply remove and replace the StickyTech™ Glue Card after it is covered with insects to keep trappin’!

Product Specifications

Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
6 (with glue Trap) CS 843376

Additional Information

Place the compact DynaTrap DOT™ at any indoor outlet where insects are a problem. Capture Fruit Flies, House Flies, Moths, Mosquitoes, and more near your exterior doors, houseplants, pet area, kitchen, and bedrooms!

For best results, replace StickyTech™ Glue Card every 21-30 days, or more frequently, as needed.

DynaTrap DOT™, Indoor Flylight

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