DoxemIG Simply Irresistible 120x600

Product Details

Doxem IG Granular Insecticide Bait

Es Control Solutions Inc

FOR PEST CONTROL: Doxem IG is a fast acting granular bait that can control a wide range of household pests both indoors and outdoors. It can be used as a broadcast treatment, perimeter treatment, or as a spot treatment on insect harborage areas outdoors. It can also be applied along boundaries (such as fences). Doxem IG is highly attractive to target pests, while at the same time having minimal impact on non-target species.

FOR TURF: Doxem IG is a ready-to-use insect bait granule that can be applied by hand, with the included shaker cap, or with a spreader. It is labeled for use on public and institutional landscaped areas, golf courses, parks, recreational areas, sports fields, and non-turf areas to control mole crickets.

Product Specifications

Es Control Solutions Inc
Active Ingredients:
Indoxacarb 0.22% Novaluron 0.1%
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
25lb Bag 844208
4x4lb Bottle BT 844207
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Target Pests:

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