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The Best Yellow Nutsedge and Kyllinga Control Product Just Got Better!

As soil temperatures increase during spring, turfgrass areas begin to grow. Unfortunately, turf is not the only plant that begins to grow. Difficult to control weeds like yellow nutsedge and kyllinga begin to emerge at this time as well. These weeds break up the uniformity of our desirable turf with their lighter green color and patchy grown patterns. Whether it's a golf course, athletic field, or home lawn, yellow nutsedge and kyllinga dramatically disrupt the overall playability and aesthetics of our turf. If these weeds continue to grow and are not controlled, more and more of your turf will be disrupted and taken out of play. Weedy turf does not allow the density necessary for safe footing for both amateur players and athletes.

Maxforce Roach Control System (1)
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