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Demi-diamond Ff Combo Pk

Pest West USA LLC

Small flying insect monitoring system COMBO Pak - 10 stations, 50 replacement yellow glue boards for easy inventory management PER BOX. DISCREET and reusable monitoring station to attract and capture target insects e.g. Fruit fly (Drosophila) among many others. Glue board technology for easy identification and MONITORING. Can be wall-mounted or stood upright on a flat surface, underneath bar tops for ONE GLANCE monitoring. Small reservoir (3ml) at the bottom of the monitor means a variety of attractants of your choice can be added to maximize the monitor Demi-Diamond Boards can be retained to provide an accurate record of infestation levels and insect types for HACCP audits. Ideal for supermarkets, pet stores, restaurants, homes, delis, convenience stores and many more. OPTIONAL PestWest slow release pheromone glue boards are available - excellent at controlling Indian Meal Moth (Esphestia/Plodia) and clothes moth (tineola/bisselliella) in convenient pocket sized size sachet packs.

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50/BOX BX 746819

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