CSI DoxemIG 120x600

Product Details

Deer Blocker Fence 8x100'

Nixalite Of America Inc

Deer Blocker is extremely strong, long lasting, virtually invisible and easy to install. Strong, 380 dernier, 36 ply, knotted, virgin (un-recycled) polyethylene mesh. Each UV resistant strand has a 175 lb. breaking strength. The 2.5” square mesh is durable yet inconspicuous – almost invisible at normal viewing distances. Full 8 foot tall and 100 foot long pieces for deer exclusion. Seamless construction. Heavy duty 5/16" border woven into all sides of the mesh. This eliminates the need for additional hardware others require for continuous top and side support. Use Tangle Guard Repeller Ribbon to tie on fencing as avoidance tags.

Product Specifications

Nixalite Of America Inc
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
nixdf100 RL 825529
Syng 5589 1 15 AdvionIGB DigitalAds d01