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Product Details

Pound for pound, DEADLINE M-Ps (mini-pellets) control more slugs and snails than any other leading pellet bait. Metaldehyde, the active ingredient in DEADLINE set the standard for effective slug and snail control in field, fruit and vegetable crops. Deadline M-Ps (4% metaldehyde) are ideal for use in open field applications. Colored with a blue dye for high visibility by applicators to help monitor coverage and consumption levels.

Additional Information

DEADLINE M-Ps are rain fast, and can withstand as much as 6 inches of rain over a two week period, unlike competitive baits which dissolve and fall apart in as little as 1 inch of rain. DEADLINE M-Ps not only feature five times as many bait particles for increased points of contact as compared to regular sized pellets, they contain the exclusive DB27 attractant system, which lures slugs and snails toward the bait and away from the crop.

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