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Product Details

ContraPest Trays F/ Evo

SenesTech Inc

Feeder Trays are the delivery system for ContraPest® or control bait, specifically designed to be used with the PROTECTA EVO EXPRESS® Bait Station. *PROTECTA EVO EXPRESS® is a registered trademark of Bell Laboratories, Inc. and SenesTech is not related or affiliated with Bell Laboratories, Inc.

Additional Information

It’s Designed for Rats.

  • It’s Liquid:
    Rats need to consume 10% of their body weight in liquid each day.
  • Appealing Bait: 
    Our sweet and fatty bait is attractive to rats even when other food sources are present.
  • Combat Bait Aversion: 
    Rats do not showcase any adverse effects after consuming ContraPest, meaning bait aversion is less of an issue.
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