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Product Details

Altosid Pellets

Today, mosquito control professionals are expected to provide cost-effective and environmentally responsible results. The kind that Altosid® Pellets WSP can achieve. Altosid® Pellets WSP release effective levels of Altosid® Insect Growth Regulator for up to 30 days under typical environmental conditions. Treated larvae continue to develop normally to the pupal stage where they die. Altosid® Pellets WSP are easily applied and assure targeted delivery. Convenient and ready to use, they're ideal for treating hard-to-reach application sites like catch basins, storm drains, roadside ditches, and other natural or artificial water-holding containers. Features: Ready-to-use water soluble pouches Releases effective levels of (S)-methoprene for up to 30 days Treatment for hard-to-reach storm water sites Single pouch coverage of 135 sq. ft. of water surface area Works in wet/dry down situations and costs $0.81 per pouch

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