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Barespot Ureabor

Pro-Serve, Inc.

BareSpot Ureabor provides fast knockdown of existing vegetation and leaves a residual barrier to keep weed growth down during the entire growing season. It may be used year round, but best results are obtained when applied immediately prior to emergence or when weeds are young and succulent. Ureabor is extremely effective on areas with a long growing season and soils high in organic matter. It is also well suited for controlling annuals and deep-rooted, hard-to-kill perennials. Pro-Serve's pelleted, nonselective, residual herbicides give you easy, effective and unsurpassed control of unwanted vegetation in most situations and are especially suited for use around or near the following: telephone cell towers, parking areas, oil & gas pipelines, around fuel tanks, oil refineries, airports, storage yards, utility poles & substations, under bleachers, outbuildings, lumber yards, sign posts, railroad sidings, vacant lots, fence lines, sidewalks & walkways, gravel driveways and under asphalt

Product Specifications

Pro-Serve, Inc.
Active Ingredients:
Sodium Metaborate 49% Sodium Chlorate 30% Bromacil 1.5%
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
50 lb. bag Bag 815990
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