Veseris FlyBag 120x600 072121 B

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Bailey Beaver Trap

Tomahawk Live Trap

Model 801 is constructed with a heavy duty aluminum frame and chain link mesh. It is triggered when a beaver swims over the trap and bumps the T-bar, causing the spring loaded aluminum jaws to close trapping the beaver inside. BEAVER TRAPPING TIPS Site selection is important for effective beaver trapping. Select runs that beavers frequently use to access shore for feeding. Select a spot in the run near shore where the trap can be set completely under water. Usually 10 to 12 inches of water depth will do the trick. The T-bar trigger should be about 4 to 8 inches under water when the trap is set. Beaver are very sensitive to human scent, therefore it is important not to disturb the surroundings more than absolutely necessary when setting the trap.

Maxforce Roach Control System (1)
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