Product Details

Get lightning fast control of cockroaches with InVictâ„¢ Gold Cockroach Gel. Formulated with a unique bait matrix and 2.15% imidacloprid, this bait achieves outstanding palatability, value and fast results, giving you an unfair advantage.

Additional Information

  • A great "clean-out" German roach bait
  • Roaches begin dying in as little as 20 minutes after eating the bait
  • Proven secondary kill when roaches are exposed to carcasses and droppings of roaches that ate the bait
  • Unique food grade attractants are intentionally different from other popular baits, making InVict Gold the ideal choice for bait rotation to prevent bait aversion
  • Formulated without the eight most common food allergens for sensitive accounts such as food plants, schools, child care and health care facilities
  • Available in an individual fully labelled box with 4 - 35 g syringes and interchangeable metal and plastic tips and a plunger included, a single 35 g syringe box and a 300 g "Big Gun" tube that fits in a standard caulking gun
  • For indoor and outdoor use