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BigTop Chimney Cap, Hinged, Stainless, 14" mesh, 17 x 53

HY-C Company Inc. (Chimney Accessories)

BigTop Chimney Cap, Hinged, Stainless, 14

Stainless Steel BigTop chimney cover with hinged mounting flanges and 14" mesh. Easy to assemble with tab-and-slot corner design. Hood attaches to base with weld bolts and nuts; no chance of stripping out threaded holes. - Hinged mounting flanges - 14" mesh height - HY-C Limited Lifetime Warranty - 24-gauge removable 100% 304 stainless steel hood w/ scalloped corners and roll-formed edges - 24-gauge 100% 304 stainless steel base flanges for secure mounting - 18 gauge 3/4" 100% stainless steel expanded metal mesh. 8” height is standard. - Available in 10" & 14" height - Available in custom-made sizes - Hinged base available on stainless steel and copper BigTops only