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Product Details

EZ Force Mouse Monitoring Station

VM Products Inc

Force Flow Rodents into the Target Zone. The newest innovated solution from VM Products gives the PMP a new tool for sensitive accounts. Benefits & Features: * Guide wall forces rodent inside of station * Open floor entry encourages rodent inside of station * Removable vented clear doors allow for airflow * Clear center wall allows rodent to see through station * Commitment wall forces rodent into target zone * Escape light encourages rodent into target zone * New Glue Board - specifically designed glue board from Atlantic Paste & Glue works with the science of force flow * New Pick-up Tool, eliminating the need to bend over to service the station * Economical monitoring device for both rodents and insects * Use with snap traps or glue board * Bar Code location for easy scanning • No metal parts eliminating rust, sharp edges and accidental cuts

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
12/cs 1-v-flex EA 826438
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