Product Details

InVite Multi-Insect Lure

Rockwell Labs Ltd.

InVite™ Multi-Insect Lure is a blend of multiple pheromones in a thickened food oil base that protects the pheromone prior to use and provides a more uniform release after application. The oil also functions as a food attractant for a variety of pests which increases the productivity and effectiveness of each dose. •Contains pheromones for attracting cigarette beetles, red and confused flour beetles, warehouse and kharpa beetles, Indian meal moths, and almond and Mediterranean flour moths •Non-toxic, non-pesticidal formula •Easy to use 6-dose mini-syringe with convenient dosage markings on the tube •Can be applied to glueboards of any shape or size •For discreet trapping in areas such as retail stores, InVite™ Multi-Insect Lure can be placed in a D-Sect™ IPM Station •For high-volume trapping in dusty areas, InVite™ Multi-Insect Lure can be placed in a Yellow PFT™ Station and water put in the cup with a drop of dish soap to drown the insects