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MOLE SCRAM PRO 22-lb Bucket

Mole Scram Professional is a simple -- and, simply, the best -- solution for moles in the landscaper's marketplace. Our triple-action formula makes soil and tunnels smell bad to moles, makes worms and grubs taste bad, and reduces populations of other insect foods. Mole Scram is quickly and easily applied with a rotary spreader, changing the moles' environment to drive them out of infested lawns. Our all-natural ingredients are formulated to coat the moles’ foods – primarily worms and grubs – with a bad taste. Designed for professional use by Pest Control Operators, Landscapers, Grounds & Golf Course Superintendents, and all Landscape Installation & Maintenance Professionals. All-organic ingredients, non-toxic and environmentally safe. Coverage: One 22-pound bucket covers about 16,750 square feet.

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
22-pound bucket BX 783154

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