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Gilbert® 705-SC "Night Hawk" Electrocuting Insect Light Trap. Two ShatterCatch™ coated 40w Lamps.

Gilbert® Professional Insect Light Traps

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The Gilbert Night Hawk 705-SC Professional Fly Light is the pro's choice for eliminating night flying insects in most shippng, receiving and warehouse areas. This ceiling hung model should be hung 8-10 ft. high or approx. 6 inches above production stacks for optimal effectiveness. The Night Hawk fly light is an industrial strength bug zapper and boasts 80 watts of insect drawing power (2 x F40/350BL UV ShatterCatch™ coated lamps). It is primarily for those areas that can't use low, wall mounted light traps. The finish is a durable, beautiful anodized aluminum and the interior structure and frame are constructed of aluminized steel (used in life-time automobile mufflers). Spring locked catch tray stays secure but is still easily removed for emptying. The interlock switch automatically shuts trap off when the service door is opened for cleaning, servicing and bulb replacement. FIVE YEAR WARRANTY (Excluding lamps only)! Dimensions: 53 1/8" x 13 1/2" x 8 11/16" Weight: 32 lbs., Ship Wt: 41 lbs.

Additional Information

  • For night flying insects - hangs from the ceiling
  • Use in shipping and receiving and warehouse areas where dock doors allow insects in at night
  • Interlock switch automatically shuts off unit when guard door is opened for servicing
  • Uses (2) 40 watt UV insect attracting lamps
  • Eyebolts for ceiling mounting included