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Product Details

EcoVia G 10lb Bg 5/cs

Rockwell Labs Ltd.

EcoVia G 10lb Bg 5/cs

EcoVia G is a new addition to the EcoVia product line of highly effective, broad spectrum insecticides that meets customer and regulatory demands for a green solution. EcoVia G contains a higher level of botanical active ingredients compared to other 25(b) granules for lower use rates while delivering quicker control and longer residual protection against a broad spectrum of crawling and flying insect pests. EcoVia G provides the ultimate in application flexibility with no pyrethroid or neonicotinoid application restrictions. It can be used for outdoor perimeter and yard application, and is labeled for crawling insects, mosquitoes and ticks. It is the perfect complement to mosquito sprays for targeted applications to landscape areas with heavier growth and the boundary between wooded areas and turf, or as a stand-alone full-yard treatment.

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