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Gilbert® 747GT "Sticky Bear"™ - Glueboard Light Trap. Two 40w Lamps.

Gilbert® Professional Insect Light Traps

The Gilbert® 747GT "Sticky Bear"™ is our largest, most powerful, glueboard light trap. It rivals the catching ability of a Flying Lion™. Insect Attractant: Two F40/350BL (40 watt) lamps. Replace annually for continued performance. Installation: Wall-mounted with keyhole slots. Low positioning almost always yields the best results for any ILT against flies. "Below 5 feet" is the general guideline. About 3 feet or waist-high is effective and also easy to maintain. Electrical: Six foot, 3-wire grounded power cord. Standard 115v/60 Hz. Maintenance: The Bear uses up to four glueboards. Spring-locked tray is secure, and yet easy to service. Nickel chrome guard swings up for easy access to lamps for cleaning and/or replacement. Change glueboards regularly, at least as often as codes require. Construction Features: Frame and interior structure are aluminized steel for strength. Beautifully finished in anodized aluminum with nickel-chrome guard. FIVE YEAR WARRANTY (Excluding lamps, glueboards). Dimensions: 53 1/8” x 13 1/8” x 5 5/8” Weight: 23 lbs. Ship Wt: 30 lbs.