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Product Details

Mavrik Perimeter 8oz

Mavrik® Perimeter To prevent insect infestations, it’s important to remove unwanted pests from the perimeter, before they find a way in. Mavrik® is a perimeter insecticide, containing tau-fluvalinate, providing immediate knockdown power without harming ornamental plants or shrubbery. Active Ingredients: Tau-fluvalinate (CAS #102851-06-9) 22.3% Controls: Mosquitoes, ants, spiders, ticks, springtails, cockroaches, fire ants for perimeter treatment and other listed pests Application This easy-to-use barrier treatment, is ideal for use around residential and commercial buildings and outside surfaces. With no visible residue or lingering odor, Mavrik® is a great option for treating lawns, gardens and trees, without having to worry about watering in. Benefits Small, easy-to-use 8 oz. bottle Dried residues are non-toxic to bees Perimeter treatment Immediate knockdown of ants and mosquitoes Available Product Sizes 8 oz bottle EPA Reg. #2724-478

Additional Information

Mavrik® Perimeter contains the pyrethroid fluvalinate, which provides quick knockdown of pests. It is a broad spectrum pyrethroid that controls an array of pests that infest areas around the perimeter of residential and commercial buildings.

Target Pests = mosquitoes, ants, spiders, ticks, springtails, cockroaches and fire ants for perimeter treatment

- For use around outside surfaces and around buildings (perimeter treatment).
- Immediate knockdown of a variety of insects including ant and mosquitoes outdoors.
- No visible residue or lingering odor.
- Dried residues are non-toxic and non-repellent to honeybees.

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