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Anml Trap Armadillo 108.7

Tomahawk Live Trap

Model 108.7 is the Original Series Armadillo Trap. It is a super strong live trap with two trap doors designed specifically for armadillo. This is one tough trap built to withstand the strongest critters. The cage trap frame is wrapped with twelve 1/4" steel rod U-Bars for added strength. Both trap doors also have extra reinforcing rods to hold up to the armadillos tough burrowing power. Trap doors at both ends allow armadillo to come from either side. Most commonly funnels are used to guide armadillo into the trap as they will follow natural barriers due to their poor eyesight. This trap weighes 17 lbs and measures 48L x 10W x 12H. It is constructed of 1"x2" - 12 gauge galvanized wire mesh.

Product Specifications

Tomahawk Live Trap
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
49x13x11 Each 824888

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