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Gilbert® 601T "The Don"™ Electrocuting Insect Light Trap

Gilbert® Professional Insect Light Traps

Gilbert® 601T

The Gilbert® 601T "The Don"™ features versatile corner or flat wall-mounting and a wide angle of attraction. Mount low, top of trap below 5 ft. Features two F40/350BL/ECO (40 watt) Insect attractant lamps (Replace annually for continued performance). Made of aluminized steel (superior, lifetime auto muffler material) including frame and interior structure. Nickel-chromed guard door swings open for easy access to catch tray, grid, reflective surfaces, and lamps for periodic cleaning and lamp replacement. Catch tray is secure; yet, easily removed for emptying. Keyholes on back for corner or wall-mount installation. Six foot, 3-wire grounded power cord. Standard 115v/60hz. Interlock switch automatically shuts off trap when guard door is opened. FIVE YEAR WARRANTY (Excluding lamps only)! Dimensions: 54 3/16" x 16" x 4 3/4". Weight: 29 lbs., Ship Wt: 37 lbs.

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