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Product Details

Halo Flylite 30w 2nd Gen


With a contemporary, discreet aesthetic and commercial efficacy, Halo is the most versatile glueboard flylight available for use across a range of commercial applications. Halo is available as a slimline 15, 30, or 45 watt model which can be wall, counter top or horizontal ceiling mounted. Halo products feature a light reflecting swing down front guard, simple glueboard replacement and common high efficacy 15W UV bulbs for reduced inventory requirements. For increased efficacy Halo Flylight 30W 2nd Gen incorporates UV reflecting aluminum components such as the removable debris tray. The patented* variable side light output gates allow 180° light output for increased efficacy covering 860 square feet.

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Order 4 Halo 30, Halo 45, Halo 15, Halo Aqua, Edge, Allure, Exocutor 30, Exocutor 80, FTP 30, or FTP 80 and received 1 additional light free of charge.

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
1 EACH 808859

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