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Product Details

ContraPest 550ML

ContraPest is an innovative technology that targets the reproductive capabilities of Norway and roof rats. By reducing reproduction, ContraPest can magnify your IPM success with even the toughest rat infestations. ContraPest is a highly attractive liquid bait that is high in fat and tastes sweet. In-house and field studies have shown that rats repeatedly feed on ContraPest, even in the presence of abundant food sources, other rodenticides, and water. When the rats consume the bait their fertility is reduced, lowering population size. * ContraPest is a Restricted Use Pesticide, due to applicator expertise. Please read and comply with all label instructions. Target species: Norway and roof rats. ContraPest is approved in all 50 states and Washington D.C.

Additional Information

Tanks for delivering ContraPest®, specifically designed to be used with the JT Eaton Rat Fortress (903TP).

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