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HY-Guard 10.5" x 18.5" Black Foundation VentGuard, 10 Pack

HY-C Company Inc. (Chimney Accessories)

HY-GUARD Foundation VentGuards provide an effective barrier to keep animals and pests such as birds, bats, raccoons, rats, lizards, and squirrels from entering your home through foundation vents. Without a screen, these animals can enter your home and destroy wiring, cause leaks and do severe damage to your home. Animals cannot chew through the durable 18-gauge 3/8" expanded steel mesh of the Foundation VentGuard. Featuring sturdy 1" frames with hemmed edges for extra strength, the 1/4" pre-drilled holes save installation time. Simply choose the hardware that best suits your installation surface and screw the HY-GUARD Foundation VentGuard over your vent. Avoid costly repairs and possible injury. Install a HY-GUARD Foundation VentGuard and protect your home and family. Made in the USA.

- Measures 10.5" x 18.5"
- Includes ten (10) Foundation VentGuards
- One-piece laser cut galvanized steel frame with 8 qty. pre-drilled 1/4" holes
- 18-gauge 3/8" expanded galvanized