Product Details

Darlex Insecticide


Darlex Insecticide controls darkling beetles (also known as lesser mealworms) and hide beetles in poultry housing.

Product Specifications

Active Ingredient:
Clothianidin 23%
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
1 gallon 4/cs Jug 823130
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Target Pests:

Approved Sites:

Additional Information

This product can be used as a crack and crevice, general surface or spot treatment applied to walls, floors and support beams of poultry (broiler, turkey, caged egg layer, breeder) housing.

• For use in, and along the outside perimeter of poultry houses to control darkling beetles and hide beetles

• Controls adult and larvae darkling beetles

• For broadcast and band applications

• Specially formulated for the poultry industry

• Easy to mix and spray