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EcoVia WD Wettable Dust 2 lb Pail

Rockwell Labs Ltd.

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EcoVia WD Wettable Dust 2 lb Pail

EcoVia WD is a highly effective, broad spectrum insecticide that provides extended residual protection in a versatile botanical solution. EcoVia WD is a FIFRA 25(b) exempt insecticide that was created through extensive scientific research and has been proven in the real world. EcoVia WD provides the ultimate in application flexibility with no pyrethroid or neonicotinoid application restrictions. A winning combination of efficacy and flexibility in a minimum risk product, EcoVia WD provides PMPs an Unfair Advantage.

Product Specifications

Active Ingredients:
Thyme Oil 10% 2-Phenethyl Propionate 7%
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
2 lb Pail PL 815327
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