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SST Bait Placement Device


SST Bait Placement Device

Service Stations Faster

With the SoftSecure Technology™ (SST) rodenticide placement device, servicing rodent bait stations has never been easier or more effective. Gone are the days of dealing with bait rod hassles, especially in cold weather. Plus, using SST is simple. Just place the bait in the SST device, close the lid and go. The rodents feed on the bait between the stainless steel bars. SST allows the use of soft bait without paper. No paper means no mess. It also works with traditional block baits. The SST is designed for the Aegis line of bait stations and is compatible with many others including Protecta LP, Protecta EVO Express, Protecta Sidekick, EZ Klean, Rodent Café’, and Checkpoint.

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12/cs Case 813468

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