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Ml I Maxx Pro 4x2.25oz/bg


Ml I Maxx Pro 4x2.25oz/bg

MasterLine® I MaxxPro® is a non-repellent termiticide that provides a superior barrier or zone around structures. Its unique chemistry binds to the soil and does not easily move. Because MasterLine I MaxxPro ® is non-repellent, termites cannot detect it and readily move through the treated areas. Registered for exterior perimeter termite treatments, Pest Management Professionals will have greater efficiency and flexibility in their applications while still receiving the long-lasting protection of structures and providing superior control to their customers. Not only will termites that directly contact the barrier die, but other termites that come in contact with affected termites will also die. This substantially reduces or eliminates the entire termite colony. Its proven efficacy, as well as its low end use cost, make MasterLine I MaxxPro the smart choice for termite control. Best of all, you get solid support from Univar on every MasterLine product.

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