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Product Details

Migrate Turf Spray 1/gl

Bird Barrier America, Inc.

Migrate Turf Spray 1/gl

Migrate is micro-encapsulated turf control for geese. It protects the turf 24 hours a day: no stains, no cross-species risks, no re-entry concerns. It can be tank mixed with other turf chemicals. A spray surfactant is recommended. It is a feeding aversion; when geese don't eat, they don't leave a mess.   We suggest adding Invisi-Dye to this product, to make the grass taste AND look unattractive.   1 gallon treats 16,000 sq. ft!  Mix 1 gl. concentrate with 3 gallons water.   Water (rain) will NOT wash off product!   Will not harm birds or people, and run-off will not contaminate nearby bodies of water!

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
1 GALLON GL 672935
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